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Aspiring King Arthur Rips Disneyland's Excalibur From Its Stone, Breaks It Immediately | Justin Long pieces together a fractured timeline to solve a mystery in The Wave | Motorola on the Razr’s folding screen: ‘bumps and lumps are normal’


Aspiring King Arthur Rips Disneyland's Excalibur From Its Stone, Breaks It Immediately
Jan 26, 2020 19:44 UTC. Read More

Justin Long pieces together a fractured timeline to solve a mystery in The Wave
Ars Technica
Jan 26, 2020 19:42 UTC. Read More

Motorola on the Razr’s folding screen: ‘bumps and lumps are normal’
The Verge
Jan 26, 2020 19:01 UTC. Read More

Everything we know about the iPhone 12 lineup so far
Jan 26, 2020 18:14 UTC. Read More

The 9 Biggest Virtual Reality Stocks
Motley Fool
Jan 26, 2020 17:16 UTC. Read More

Motorola Razr, Galaxy Z Flip, Fold 2: Foldable phones need strong screens and killer apps to succeed in 2020
Jan 26, 2020 16:56 UTC. Read More

Steins;Gate 0 Elite announced
Jan 26, 2020 16:43 UTC. Read More

Rumor: iOS 14 to support all of the same iPhones as iOS 13, including iPhone SE
Jan 26, 2020 16:02 UTC. Read More

Google needs to fix its notoriously bad bilingual speech recognition on Assistant and Gboard (Updated)
Android Police
Jan 26, 2020 15:50 UTC. Read More

Five OxygenOS features we hope to see in stock Android someday
Android Police
Jan 26, 2020 15:49 UTC. Read More

A Nintendo Theme Park is Officially Coming to Universal Orlando
Jan 26, 2020 15:23 UTC. Read More

There's a 'Pro' version of every major Apple gadget except for the Apple Watch. It's time for that to change.
Business Insider
Jan 26, 2020 14:48 UTC. Read More

16 new Android games from the week of January 20, 2020: Tetris, G.I. Joe: War On Cobra, and Zombie Football
Android Police
Jan 26, 2020 14:47 UTC. Read More

Time Lines Go Askew as Live-Action US Adaptation of Steins;Gate is Announced
Crunchyroll News
Jan 26, 2020 13:33 UTC. Read More

By forcing Bing on Chrome users, Microsoft is back to its bad old ways
TechRadar India
Jan 26, 2020 13:00 UTC. Read More

Google Camera v7.3 prepares for 24 fps video, Pixel 4a codenames, and automatic Do Not Disturb mode (APK Teardown)
Android Police
Jan 26, 2020 12:59 UTC. Read More

New Safety Gizmos Are Making Car Insurance More Expensive
Jan 26, 2020 12:00 UTC. Read More

Houdini Power Air Houdi Review: An Environmentally-Friendly Hoodie
Jan 26, 2020 11:59 UTC. Read More

How to play Half-Life on Oculus Quest
Jan 26, 2020 11:13 UTC. Read More

Galaxy S20 and Galaxy Buds+ leak together in official-looking shots
Jan 26, 2020 10:33 UTC. Read More

Disney Is Closing Off Fogbank Entertainment, Laying Off 60 Developers
Jan 26, 2020 09:41 UTC. Read More

Tekken 7 'My Replay & Tips' update launches January 28
Jan 26, 2020 03:33 UTC. Read More

Potential final-design PlayStation 5 console shown booting up in video, but it could be an elaborate fake
Jan 26, 2020 03:16 UTC. Read More

India is now a larger smartphone market than the US
Jan 26, 2020 03:09 UTC. Read More

21 Stunning Photos Of Classic Cars From Detroit
Jan 26, 2020 02:49 UTC. Read More

Update: Street Fighter V: Champion Edition is NOT Coming to Switch, EB Games Clarifies
Jan 26, 2020 00:53 UTC. Read More

Street Fighter V: Champion Edition is Coming to Nintendo Switch, EB Games Canda Leak Says
Jan 26, 2020 00:04 UTC. Read More

New iPhone Exclusive Reveals Stunning Apple Design Decision [Updated]
Jan 26, 2020 00:01 UTC. Read More

Google backtracks on desktop search redesign blurring ads from organic results
Boing Boing
Jan 26, 2020 00:01 UTC. Read More

Sprint will repair cracked screens of Samsung Galaxy smartphones for $49
Digital Trends
Jan 26, 2020 00:00 UTC. Read More

Modern Warfare player discovers easy way to avoid fall damage
Jan 25, 2020 23:11 UTC. Read More

This Sexy Ball Girl Cosplay from Pokemon Sword and Shield is the Stuff of Dreams and Nightmares
Jan 25, 2020 22:43 UTC. Read More

Upgrade your Apple Watch w/ Longvadon’s timeless watch bands 15% off
Jan 25, 2020 22:38 UTC. Read More

Report: Russia Says Smartphones Sold in the Country Must Have Software that Supports Traditional Russian Values
Jan 25, 2020 21:53 UTC. Read More

3 Special New Nintendo Switch Controllers Revealed
Jan 25, 2020 20:28 UTC. Read More

Disney's About to Go to War With Super Mario
Motley Fool
Jan 25, 2020 19:59 UTC. Read More

PS5 Startup Sequence Is Likely Fake, But Still Lovely
Push Square
Jan 25, 2020 19:59 UTC. Read More

Samsung will give away Galaxy Buds+ with S20+ and S20 Ultra pre-orders
Android Central
Jan 25, 2020 19:56 UTC. Read More

GTA 6 Rumors Sparked By Rockstar Games Stuntman
Jan 25, 2020 19:48 UTC. Read More

Apple gets its WiLan patent payout reduced to $85.2 million
Jan 25, 2020 19:34 UTC. Read More

Mortal Kombat Legends: Scorpion's Revenge Movie Will Be Rated R
Jan 25, 2020 19:01 UTC. Read More

Fallout 76 robbery victims say Bethesda gave them all their stuff back, plus more
Jan 25, 2020 18:52 UTC. Read More

Stadia app briefly lists, but doesn’t allow play on Android TV
Jan 25, 2020 18:29 UTC. Read More

Byte, the sequel to Vine and potential competitor to TikTok, launches on mobile
Jan 25, 2020 18:22 UTC. Read More

NASA is hiring someone to help figure out how to get Mars rocks back to Earth — and the position pays at least $182,000
Jan 25, 2020 18:20 UTC. Read More


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